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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sitting In A Bean-Bag Chair Naked Eating Cheetos

This is one of my favorite stand-up comedy jokes:

"Yesterday, I was sitting in a bean-bag chair naked eating Cheetos. I was flipping through the television there, and I saw Robert Tilton, he's a televanglist from Dallas, and he was staring at me. He said this: "Are you lonely?" (Ron shrugs) ...Yeah. He said, "Have you wasted half your life in bars pursuing sins of the flesh?" (Ron takes a drink of scotch) ...This guy's good! Then, he says: "Are you sitting in a bean-bag chair naked eating Cheetos?!" (Ron stops dead, face frozen) ...Yes sir! He says: "Do you feel the urge to get up and send me a thousand dollars?!" ...Close! I thought he was talking about me there for a second! Yeah, apparently I ain't the only cat on the block digs Cheetos!"

- Comedian Ron "Tater Salad" White

Download the MP3 of the joke here: http://www.thegleebs.com/cheetos.zip

Also: There will be no new episode of The Simpsons or King Of The Hill tonight.

Today's Dilbert Comic Strip:


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