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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Review of The Simpsons - "Mobile Homer"

The Simpsons episode "Mobile Homer" was a good episode, although it is one of my least favorite episodes of the season so far. I was surprised to see the Bob's RV Roundup salesman which we only saw once way back in the first season. I give this episode a B.

Also: Tonight The Comedy Central Roast Of Jeff Foxworthy will air at 10 tonight, I will review it tommorow.

Today's Dilbert Comic Strip:


  • At March 20, 2005 10:45 PM, Blogger dMervyn said…

    That Schfifty Five animation is hillarious!! I also love Dilbert because it reminds me so much of the corporation I work for. It's almost Monday... Woopadeedoo...

  • At March 22, 2005 9:31 PM, Blogger tromik said…

    I can't watch new episodes of the Simpsons anymore. I know there have been some gems, but most pale in comparison to seasons 3-8 or so. I can actually remember the first time I thought something was wrong with the Simpson - the episode where they end up on an island doped up drinking tea with koala bears. WTF was that?


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