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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Ron White Is A Drunken Lazy Bastard!

Here are my favorite quotes from The Comedy Central Roast Of Jeff Foxworthy which aired about a month ago:

"Ron White is a drunken lazy bastard! Vampires do more during the day than Ron White. Hispanics do more than Ron White!"

"Bill Engvall is Jeff Foxworthy's personal bitch!"

"I heard Bill Engvall complaining backstage that Jeff Foxworthy should shave his mustache because it tickles his balls."

"Jeff Foxworthy is the classiest person I have ever met, in comededy or anywhere else. Even if he does kill animals, go home and fuck them... He does it with class."

"I have Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be A Redneck" on vynil and when you play it backwards it goes "Here's your sign."

"Ron White is very talented, he is the only man I know who can light a ciggarette while in hand cuffs."

"Collin Quin admitted on Howard Stern that he let his cat lick milk off his balls. I asked him why he would do such a thing and he said because his turtle is lactose intolerent."

"Mean face, Ron White has. He looks like a carny who takes some kids behind a ferris wheel to teah 'em a lesson."

"Fans of Larry The Cable Guy buy tickets to his concerts just so they can use indoor plumbing."

"Now you see, Jeff is a smart man, but he doesn't like to show it because when he does people start talking to him really fast."

"Greg Giraldo and his wife have nine kids, ages two to three. Will someone please tell these people that condoms aren't only for smuggling crack."

"Fans of you guys take time out of there day to go to your concerts, when they could have used thier time to just burn a cross or have sex with thier sister. But no, they take there hard earned money they got from robbing the liquor store, they could've just used the money on crystal meth or abortions. They get spiffed up in thier best "Who Farted?" T-shirt and go see you guys."

Also: Tommorow night a new episode of The Simpsons titled "Future-Drama" will air, also a new episode of King Of The Hill titled "Smoking And The Bandit" will air. I will review those episodes after they air tommorow night.

Today's Dilbert Comic Strip:


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