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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Review of King of the Hill - Season 9

Here is my review of the entire ninth season of King of the Hill.

"A Rover Runs Through It" - B-
"Ms. Wakefield" - B
"Death Buys a Timeshare" - B+
"Yard, She Blows" - A+
"Dale To the Chief" - B
"The Petriot Act" - A-
"Enrique-cilable Differences" - B
"Mutual of Omabwah" - A-
"Care-Takin' Care of Business" - A-
"Arlen City Bomber" - A-
"Redcorn Gambles With His Future" - A
"Smoking and the Bandit" - A-
"Gone With the Windstorm" - B+
"Bobby On Track" - C
"It Ain't Over Till The Fat Neighbor Sings" - A

My Favorite Episode of the Season - "Yard, She Blows"
My Least Favorite Episode of the Season - "Bobby On Track"

Overall for the Season - B

Season nine was a good season of King of the Hill, but it didn't have enough episodes.

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