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Friday, August 05, 2005

The Simpsons Season 6 DVD - August 16th

Season six, one of the best seasons of the show, will be released on DVD Tuesday, August 16th.


Bart Of Darkness
Lisa's Rival
Another Simpsons Clip Show
Itchy & Scratchy Land
Sideshow Bob Roberts
Treehouse Of Horror V
Bart's Girlfriend
Lisa On Ice
Homer Badman
Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy
Fear Of Flying
Homer The Great
And Maggie Makes Three
Bart's Comet
Homie The Clown
Bart vs. Australia
Homer vs. Patty And Selma
A Star Is Burns
Lisa's Wedding
Two Dozen And One Greyhounds
The PTA Disbands
'Round Springfield
The Springfield Connection
Lemon Of Troy
Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)

Special Features:

  • A Confession from Matt Groening
  • Animation Showcases for "Lisa's Wedding", and "Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One)"
  • Animatic for "Treehouse of Horror V" and "Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One)"
  • James L. Brooks Introduction to "Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One)"
  • Suspect Profiles (Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One))
  • Springfield's Most Wanted Feature
  • Special Language Feature for Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)
  • 55 Deleted Scenes
  • Simpsons Plane Feature (with commentary by Matt Groening and David Mirkin)
  • Commercials (2 for Church's Chicken and 1 for 1-800 Collect)
  • Easter Eggs
Inside of the set:

TVShowsonDVD.com and Simpsons Collector Sector have more pictures of the inside of the DVD set.

There is a flyer in the set that has a number to call to order an alternate box for the set, that number is 1-800 223-2369. When you call the number Homer will tell you to go to SimpsonsBox.com. I was wrong earlier, you DO need to send either the proof of purchase, your reciept, or the 1-800 # flyer, you also need to send $2.95 for shipping and handling ($3.95 if you live in Canada)v. Just go to that site, it will explain everything. I was expecting there to be a picture of the alternate box on that site, but there isn't one.

The flyer:


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